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    Ck out my profile some time
    flowers in the snow<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>
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    BestFriendDog.jpg picture by DisabledKenny1

    Hi Helen,
    how are you dear I hope you are well & coping with the snow, we have a foot in snow here in Oldham & expect some more, time will tell.

    I noticed I do not have you as my friend on Yuku, I do on aimoo, please advice me how to become your friend here as well please, as yet I am still learning, thanks.

    I have deleted aloud of messages to tidy up the Greeting threads in all our groups so do not be surprised to messages deleted, I have kept all those messages members besides me that have posted tags with messages, so that they have till next Monday to save any tags that may have poste & not saved onto there computer or photobucket account, etc.
    I hope that was all right as some groups I have 5 pages of messages, I thought it would be easier if I reduced them so that we are not searching for last recent messages, on aimoo there are sponsors support messages do you know how I can get rid of them as it is taking up a lot of the thread, as you will discover when you go through the groups.

    I got it wrong by the way when I asked about 1Award voting it was Gay Disabled Support group not the Friendship group that I thought, which I luckily had it saved on the Management group which reminds me this is the Management group on aimoo that I have for us the management team, please feel free to join I set it as private so will need my approval, which I will approve you, it is a great group where we can store any pages, backgrounds or have a discussion about any problems we are having with the group, members or suggestions on improving the groups, which I need to ask you about an ex-member but will only discuss in that group as I do not want any one else finding out, as I do not like discussion any individuals in the groups, & I do not know how secure these personal Inbox messages.
    I hope you can join this Management group this is the link:
    It will be great for us to chat in private, you can also email on [email protected] if you wish dear, as I value you friendship & help in all that we have done with our groups.

    My offer is still open if you need an assistant to help you run your group (do you just have the one dear or more?), I now have 8 groups I run on a daily basis on aimoo & yuku as well as the 4 on Google, 2 on Yahoo, 1 on Windows Live that I finally accepted you as member as I forgot it was under my old email address that I hardly check.

    Also do you have a link that I can migrate to Multiply as an extra sister groups for our 4 groups, as the ones I have tried will not let me, so that MSN groups close on the 21st Feb. Do you think is worth having another set of sister groups as I thought the more groups the more friends we will meet, I value you opinion, if need be at a later date I can set up groups manually like I did on aimoo & Yuku, which I fully enjoy, I felt an achievement setting up websites, many members on MSN groups including a Assistant Manager there said Multiply & Windows Live are for the young she felt that it was just a blogg type website.

    Thanks Helen for all your help you are a dear friend, once you joined the Management group (which is just for us & Claire the Management Team, I am hoping when Spirit_Quest has her health & groups (11 at least she has & help to run) will join our management team, she has many many years of managing groups, but been bad in health, so I am hoping she will help with our groups.

    I am as you are aware wanting aimoo to be our main groups & Yuku to be our sister groups, as well as the Google groups I have had for over 14 months. Plus 2 on Yahoo that I hardly visit as let them run them self as hardly any members plus not too struck on the websites.

    Well I have bored you enough dear, I look forward to hearing from you soon dear, you are a true friend, take care, Kenny.


    Reply from helen61:

    hi Kenny i could hardly read your message cos it was in red,how are you hope your keeping warm its very chilly this morning,i have 2 assistant managers only one seems to post,not sure what i want to do i am dissapointed as they asked me to find another group after yuku,wish they would realise how hard it is to set up groups,i only have the one group.i'll joing that group u mentioned thanks for inviting me to.
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    thanks for your concern Helen .. I'm ok .. Feel a bit stupid I deleted the wrong forum ... LOL ,
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    Think this is is??
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    Reply from helen61:

    hi i'll open up the group so u can see it and try and join,belive it or not this group was the best i could get,hate to see the
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    this one seems easier for me ..or maybe I'm just getting smarter lol
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    Reply from helen61:

    thanks helenmarie here is hoping others will find it ok.msn other option was multiply thats confusing.

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